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The Honey Bee Doctor!

Registered Bee Keeper, Michelle Norv√©-Reyes, Davie, FL.  Serving the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

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The honey bee doctor!

Honey Bee Facts: 

Did you know a honey bee can forage up to five miles from the hive?
- All honey bees that forage are females!  - The female worker bees in Florida live only an average of 3 weeks! They literally work themselves to death foraging, in complete dedication to their Queen and colony.  

If you find bees:

DO NOT attempt to spray the bees with insecticides.  You will not be successful, you will likely get stung, and you will doom the colony as unfit for an attempted rescue!  

DO call the professionals at The Honey Bee Doctor!  (786)205-0208