Wax cappings removed, honey is now exposed and ready for harvest!  

Drips of golden goodness! Notice the wax cappings...

Honey Comb full of honey!

Our Pledge

We here at The Honey Bee Doctor pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

When we have honey availableit is for sale to the public. Look for these signs!  

Live Honey Bee Removal And Relocation in Davie

​Honey!  What you likely have not seen before...

About the Honey Bee Doctor...

Honey frames, fully capped, 

as harvested straight from the hive!  

Frame of capped honey, ready for uncapping...

Our Mission

At The Honey Bee Doctor, our mission is simple: Saving Honey Bees, One colony at a time!  
The Honey Bee Doctor offers LIVE Honey bee removal and relocation.  
Honey Bees are critical to our food supply.  Over one-third of our food supply relies on honey bees for pollination! 

Save our Honey Bees! 

Michelle is a Registered Beekeeper, and is also a classically trained Chef.