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Services offered:  

LIVE Removals/Relocations only!  All services are for hire only.  

No free removals provided.  Please understand that as valuable as the bees are to our agriculture, they are still wild animals.  We can provide them with what 'we humans' think is the perfect new home, but there is only an approximate 50/50 chance they will actually stay in their new home.  There is a tremendous amount or work involved in making them a honey producing, productive colony.  If the bees choose to stay, it will still be over a year before we see the first drop of honey from that hive.  As Honey Bee professionals, we deserve to be paid for our time, equipment, and services.

IF you attempted to spray the bees with insecticides, please, do NOT call The Honey Bee Doctor. We relocate the bees to active Apiaries (bee yards). We can not risk introducing insecticides into otherwise healthy apiaries.  Our bees have enough natural challenges already, and we do not need to complicate this with man made problems.

Swarm Removal:  A Swarm is classified as having arrived recently, and swarms are typically found on tree branches, in bushes or shrubs, cars, garbage can lids, or exposed areas of homes and sheds. This can be very scary for you, the homeowner!  Swarms typically arrive very quickly, and they can be very loud! Though swarms can be very intimidating, most swarms are typically very docile, and can be relocated quite readily!  Call as soon as you notice a swarm has settled!  They likely will NOT "go away on their own".  The longer they are there, the more established they will become.  Swarm Rescue prices start at $100.  

Established colony:  An established colony is classified as having arrived some time ago, whether two weeks or two years.  Honey Bees work very quickly!  If you notice bees going into a soffit, a wall crack, under a shed, or whatever, they are likely NOT going to go away on their own.  We will isolate where the colony is living, and open the smallest area possible to allow for removal.    We will remove all honey comb, clean all debris, and will wash down any remnants of honey.  We will do a "Complete removal", so you are not left with a rotting partial colony, which will only lead to further problems, such as mold, stench, and rodent or insect issues!  We will keep all invasive procedures to an absolute minimum.  All procedures and pricing will be discussed with you, and agreed upon, prior to proceeding!

We use 100% all natural smoke, typically from pine, cherry or alder wood to calm the bees, NO pesticides!  We may use a 100% natural bee repellent during the removal, depending on the location of the bees.    Upon completion, the area of the removal will be treated with a 100% natural bee repellent, smelling much like Almonds or Cherry.  It smells quite pleasant to humans, but detestable to the bees.  

We will NEVER compromise the soundness of roofs, shingles, or any primary structure walls exposed to weather.  (This does not include Shed walls and shed floors if work is approved).  Again, all procedures and pricing will be discussed with you, and agreed upon prior to proceeding!  

It is highly recommended that any area where a colony has been removed be packed with insulation or another material to close off the space to discourage the bees return.  Regardless of how particular we are to remove all remnants of the bees, scents that can only be smelled by bees can remain for years.  If the space is not available, the bees can not return to the same area.  It is also imperative that all repairs are completed leaving no open spaces. Bees only need an opening the width of a pencil to gain access to open space.

* The Honey Bee Doctor does NOT do honey bee removals above

15 feet.